Award Winning Toys For Kids With Learning Difficulties

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Each of us is different in our own ways. We use different things differently. What a right-handed person uses cannot be easily used by a left-handed person. Be it a pencil sharpener or even a pair of scissors. While this is a common problem, we rarely find such things designed for a left-hander.

Similarly, when it comes to kids and toys, there is no limit to the variety and creativity involved in them. However, the awareness that differently-abled children require different toys is just spreading.

Looking for special toys for children experiencing learning difficulties? Here are a few good toys for kids with adhd:


Puzzles are something children start showing an interest in from a very young age. Even if they don’t understand the whole concept of a puzzle, the pieces that just won’t join together unless put in a certain way, pose a challenge to the young minds and keeps them occupied for a while.

While children with learning difficulty will take more time to solve puzzles for their age, they can be gifted colorful puzzles. Foam puzzles where the child has to match the colors can be a great option as it not only teaches them about colors but the foam pieces help in developing fine motor skills.

Stringing Beads

Get them some colorful beads with big holes so that they can string them easily. Small holes will be very complicated for tiny hands but the large holes will make it easier for them. Trying to thread the string through each bead will improve their fine motor skills as well as their concentration.

Colors and shapes can be introduced to the children at this stage too. Get beads of various shapes and sizes to make it more challenging as they will have to sort them first before they can string them together.

7 Things to know before becoming a LEGO teacher

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Becoming a teacher trainer gives you the opportunity of learning the principle on which the LEGO education Academy is built. This training is usually held in Pittsburg, Kansas, Billund, and Demark. Certified academy teachers that are being trained into becoming a LEGO trainer usually have access to numerous resources that would greatly benefit training skills. Before learning to become a LEGO training, you might want to check out for some information about lego as a whole and see some of the latest Lego Ninjago sets.

If you’re interested in becoming a LEGO teacher, here are some of the things you should know about the process, the benefits and how it works all together.

Commitments: Although the training course is FREE of charge, it goes without saying the certain level of commitment is required on your end. Some of the expenses you might incur along the line include the cost of traveling to the training centers as well as the cost of booking a hotel. There are ways around this; if you have a strong friend network in the city where you intend to train; you can easily leverage on this.

More often than not, LEGO would have a deal packaged for your employers, in a bid to lower the cost of airfares and hotel bookings.

Improved Creativity: Aside from the fact that you’re learning to teach kids to be creative, you also learn and improve your creativity as well.

Support: The support from the mother company is enormous This is to encourage teachers in signing up for the well-packaged training program. Teachers learning to become trainers are supported at various levels.

Classroom Management Skills: They don’t just teach you about LEGO and creativity, they have resources on how to manage your class better. This is a skill every teacher could learn more about.

LEGO Education Approach: The LEGO academy curriculum is designed to reflect the company’s educational approach, this is one of the things you would be exposed to along the line of your training as a LEGO teacher.

Reflection Paper: After the training, you would be required to write a reflection paper, which would discuss your view of the program and how it has impacted you.

Face to Face Training: For four days, you would be exposed to a face to face training in one of the training centers in the United States or Denmark.…

The Best Guide to Student Finance in the UK

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Until recently university tuition fees in the United Kingdom was free, or minimal. The basic principle was for the students to shoulder some of the expense as they are the primary beneficiary. Moreover, the point was brought up that ordinary taxpayers who did not necessarily go to universities should not have to subsidize the education of those who choose to do so. The cost of affording a university education has almost tripled in the past years.

If you are planning to get financed on opting for college, you must know these crucial details.

  • Universities are allowed to charge up to £9,250 per year as tuition fees. Full-time students are eligible for applying up to £8,700 maintenance loan on household income. If you are worried about financing, a debt consolidation loan for poor credit is also available, especially for students.
  • By the end of your graduation, you could have up to £50,000 of student loan debt. Start making plans for repayment before you leave college.
  • The loan repayment starts on the April after graduation or when you have an earning job paying over £2,500 per year, whichever falls before. The repayment rates are around 9% or over.
  • Depending on your salary, the interest rate which is charged is at +3% per anum while you are a student, and 0-3% per anum post-graduation.
  • Your employer will deduct the loan repayment amount on a monthly basis from your salary.
  • Current students who started university before 2016 are eligible for Maintenance Grants because they received a smaller amount of loans.
  • Students with disabilities, dependents are eligible for special funds and grants provided they have started university in 2018.
  • Student loan is waived off after 30 years from the date of disbursement by default.

The benefits of private tuition for students

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There are several benefits of private tuition for students as it directly impacts their educational grades and overall knowledge. This trend is soon gaining popularity with parents, students all over the world as it gives a positive overall growth and improves grades.

Benefit # 1 – Individual Attention

The fact that the student receives the personal attention from the tutor due to the presence of lesser students or being the only student makes him / her concentrate more.

Benefit # 2 – Homework & Tests

The preparatory agenda & structure for sudden tests and assistance with homework gives a lot of confidence to the learner on writing the test properly. The regular homeworks and preparations also help the students by gaining knowledge to prepare for the exams well.

Benefit # 3 – Reduces Effort

It takes effort for kids to study a particular subject or all subjects on their own. If your kid is attends private tuitions then the effort of studying hard (without knowing how to study) goes waste. Hence, the tutor would guide through covering the syllabus, explaining in a way that they understand, etc.

Benefit # 4 – Time Saver

There is a lot of time saving with private tuitions at heytutor for your child. This includes saving time not only for your kid while learning on his own but even yourself. You (parents) can be free to continue your work and the child gets guidance and thus saves time instead of figuring things out for themselves.

Benefit # 5 – Study by Interest

Schooling has a conventional method to teach like textbooks, work books, etc. Hence, it gets monotonous and boring over time. Private tuitions gives a chance for students to clear doubts as kids are fewer. Tutors also ingrain interest in the students study time.