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Language and Culture Acquisition

UK - LACA 24 August 2009  -  18 September 2009



Course Tutor: Carol Orwig, M.A.

This course aims to prepare people to become effective communicators in a second language and culture. We do not teach any specific language, but rather give people tools to learn any language and culture. The course is as much about learning to learn experientially and to interact with other people as it is about learning specific facts. The aim is that people leave this course confident that if they have access to a community of speakers of another language, they can learn it, whether or not there is a formal language school. To this end we aim to teach people how to organize and manage their own learning and to learn from experience.

Many adults learning another language are daunted by the new sounds they encounter. The intensive phonetics training offered in this course is intended to give course participants confidence that they will be able to recognise, pronounce and transcribe the new sounds they will hear in learning another language.

We believe that effective cross-cultural communication is built on good interpersonal communication skills, and that self-awareness is the first step toward reaching this end.

You may click here for a statement of the learning objectives for this course or click here to access a complete course syllabus.


A supplement of 8.75 per night (valid till 30-Sep-09) will be charged if you require single occupancy of a shared room.

You will need to state your options for meals and rooms on the course registration form.



Note for those joining a European Wycliffe organisation

In the week immediately after the LACA course (i.e. starting Monday 21st September 2009) there will be an three day orientation course for those joining Wycliffe.

There will be no additional charge for board and lodging for this week as long as you are in standard shared bedroom accommodation. However, please be sure to make your needs known to the registrar as soon as you can.





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