Each of us is different in our own ways. We use different things differently. What a right-handed person uses cannot be easily used by a left-handed person. Be it a pencil sharpener or even a pair of scissors. While this is a common problem, we rarely find such things designed for a left-hander.

Similarly, when it comes to kids and toys, there is no limit to the variety and creativity involved in them. However, the awareness that differently-abled children require different toys is just spreading.

Looking for special toys for children experiencing learning difficulties? Here are a few good toys for kids with adhd:


Puzzles are something children start showing an interest in from a very young age. Even if they don’t understand the whole concept of a puzzle, the pieces that just won’t join together unless put in a certain way, pose a challenge to the young minds and keeps them occupied for a while.

While children with learning difficulty will take more time to solve puzzles for their age, they can be gifted colorful puzzles. Foam puzzles where the child has to match the colors can be a great option as it not only teaches them about colors but the foam pieces help in developing fine motor skills.

Stringing Beads

Get them some colorful beads with big holes so that they can string them easily. Small holes will be very complicated for tiny hands but the large holes will make it easier for them. Trying to thread the string through each bead will improve their fine motor skills as well as their concentration.

Colors and shapes can be introduced to the children at this stage too. Get beads of various shapes and sizes to make it more challenging as they will have to sort them first before they can string them together.