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Harvey Medina

8 Ways Education Powers a Better World

Before you do anything or before you buy anything educating yourself about what you plan to do or buy would be the first step. For example when you are buying something expensive, like say a superyacht you might already know that is a great place to look for the best yachts. But you should also educate yourself about the various legalities in buying a yacht. Similarly, education in all forms can help create a better world.

  1. You learn to love the environment. Education teaches people about the global crisis that prevails at a given point. And this can create an awareness to encourage the use of eco-friendly methods in the daily life.
  2. When you are educated when you have a degree that talks to you, it gives a unique sense of confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Education makes it easier to get jobs. Education is the process where you learn something and also sharpen your skills. Unemployment is a major threat to economic development and education is the cure for this problem.
  4. Education sees everyone on the same level. Several discriminations can be avoided by offering equal educational opportunities for all.
  5. Education allows you to look inside yourself to find that innate talent that has been hiding inside you.
  6. Education can help increase your income. When the household income of the citizens improve the economy of the nation improves and this, in turn, makes life better for the citizens.
  7. Education teaches you how to take care of yourself and your health. You would be able to learn about all the latest advancements in healthcare and use them to lead a fit and healthy life.
  8. Education teaches people to practice equality and this makes socializing Right from very young age children can be taught to be more humane and compassionate.