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Harvey Medina

The Best Tips for Preparing your Child for Starting School

Starting school can be a big milestone for the child and the parent as they both learn to let go of each other; it is not easy for either of them as they have to deal with separation anxiety. But like or not the school is a must for every child. Here are a few tips that will help the first time parents prepare the child and themselves for school.

  1. Visit the school: Attend the school open house along with your child. Allow the child to assimilate the atmosphere and the smells and sounds of the place. it is important that the child feels the connection with the school.
  2. Meet the teacher: Ask the child’ teacher some basic questions in front of the child regarding the daily routine and schedule. This will reassure the child that you know exactly what it might go through each day and will help you too to speak to the teacher of any specific concerns.
  3. Talk to the child: Children are apprehensive because they do not know what the new place holds for them. Talk to them about the school and all the fun activities they do in school. There are several books for children starting school; read those books to your child.
  4. Be prepared for the tantrums: It is an emotional moment for the child to let go of the safety of its own space and be amongst strangers; so there will be moments of distress. Deal with them patiently and lovingly.
  5. Toilet train: Be sure your child can use the toilet independently.
  6. Taking care of their things: Teach your child to take care of its own things when in school. Develop the habit of returning things back to their original place after use, this will help them be in control of things also.
  7. Have a unique goodbye routine: Make the entire process interesting and different and fun; something the kid would love to do again and again.

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