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Harvey Medina

How Men’s Body Types Have Changed Throughout the History

I wanted to order a penis lock for my boyfriend and was looking intently for a good deal:

And what do you think I find? I came across this wonderfully articulated write up on how men also suffer from an image issue. I shared the article on my Facebook and you must see how much attention it was able to garner.

When we talk about body and body issues, the first thing that comes to our mind are women:

But we hardly think that men can also have an issue regarding it. This was an eye opener of sorts. I eventually did order my lock but man! Look at the interesting stuff that they put up on the internet. By now, the article has already become viral having been shared 400 times from my page!

Have you heard about the LocktheCock fetish?!

Men also have to feel pressure:

It may sound very arbitrary but men like women do have to face pressure from the society in order to conform to a particular kind of look and body type.

If you were to trace the type of bodies men had chronologically, the earliest men were almost close to being the healthiest. They were hunter-gatherers and nomads. Moving from place to place and stalking animals made sure that every inch in their body wears well worked out.

Slowly with settlement crept into obesity issues:

When man began to settle down into agrarian societies, he treated himself to great feasts because he could now afford to. Also, he did not have to run behind wild boars et al for food. It was during this time that men who were heavier may have been considered attractive. A lot of cave painting s point to this fact.

Have you heard of Adonis?

Phew! Those muscles that the Greek men statues boast of are the material that women dream of in their wettest of dreams. Are they even humanly achievable? Did the Greek attractive men even have them? Too much of speculation can lead to more daydreaming on them. Hmmm, sighs*…