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Harvey Medina

Instagram vs. Twitter: Was ist beliebter?

Introduction of newer technology in the field of Information technology has changed a vast group of people hanging over the net throughout the day.  Many people started using many social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share their views, to express their feelings and emotions, to share their memories, to raise their voices against any illegal happenings around them.  People have become smart to choose the right social network for them in order to express and to hang around.  The ratio of youngsters has increased in recent years in which the youngsters are dominated more when compared to other age groups in these social networks.  This is an added advantage for these social networks to develop and grow within a short span of time. Instagram and Twitter have gained more popularity among the people because of the usage of these social networks by the celebrities from the various fields like cricket, film industry, and business people etc. This social platform helps to engage the people 24/7 and helps to contact each other’s easily and also helps to learn many new concepts. Let us compare based on the following aspects which are popular among the people.

  • Target audience: The people who use the social network are business people, celebrities like sports stars, and also common people mostly youngsters.  Twitter was famous among these target people last five years ago, but Instagram becomes much more popular than any of these social networks in recent years.
  • By the number count: When you analyze in these social networks in which how many people are currently using which network, without any doubt, Instagram will be frequently used to get engaged and updated with the current trends among the target people.
  • Functionality: Twitter seems to be better when compared to Instagram based on the functionality since reposting the tweet and also to share the views are possible in twitter but not so well in Instagram.
  • Promotion: Both Instagram and Twitter help to promote many businesses. There are some websites like Galaxy marketing website which helps to promote our business through these networks.
  • Safe technology: Both the social networks come with safer technology in order to protect their users from hackers.
  • Increased usage: Instagram has the millions of users to get engaged always with the network when compared to Twitter.

Though both seem to be popular among the people, it is the duty of these social platforms to protect the users and their accounts free from hackers.