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Harvey Medina

Top 10 Best Ways to Use the Sun’s Energy

Countries across the globe have included climate studies in their curriculum and are stressing on young minds the need to preserve our natural habitat even as industrialization and carbon emissions are propelling us to an uncertain future where essentials like water and fuel become a rarity.

What was first relegated to universities and manufacturing units and big industrial houses is now within the reach of the common man. We are talking about solar energy, which is one of the more sustainable solutions to the energy crisis across the planet.

Harvesting the Sun’s energy with the use of phot-electric solar panels is very expensive and not feasible for all. That doesn’t mean that you cannot harness the energy in your own homes. Going solar is the new mantra as now everyone has access to solar-powered devices and solar panel kits that are DIY.

You can use solar energy for:

  1. Solar powered fans to keep your attics and garages cool in summer.
  2. Solar energy is ideal to heat swimming pools in winter.
  3. Water heaters can use solar power and not rely on gas and
  4. Use solar light bulbs to reduce your electricity bills.
  5. Solar chargers and power banks reduce the dependence on electricity and can be used anywhere. They are portable and easy to use.
  6. It is cheaper and more energy efficient to dry clothes on a clothesline on a sunny day.
  7. Solar ovens are suitable to cook food as they reach temperatures of 120 to 178 degrees Celsius sufficient to cook most food.
  8. Flashlights can be charged using solar energy.
  9. Solar powered motion sensing security lights are a beneficial addition to the security of your home.
    1. Finally, the hikers can utilize their time under the sun by wearing a solar backpack which comes fitted with solar panels that get charged when you are outdoors.

At ClimateCounts we offer solutions for effectively harnessing the Sun’s energy for productive purposes in and around your homes and offices.…