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Harvey Medina

5 Ways Toys Help Your Child Learn in 2019

What is the best Beyblade you would buy for your child? Why do you always wish to buy the best toys for your children? Obviously, because you not only want them to be safe while playing with it but also to learn something from it. Different toys tap different areas of the brain and stimulate the development of neural pathways leading to the overall development of the child. In 2019, the parents can have the cake and eat it too because there are so many educational toys available that do the job of educating and entertaining thereby the child is happy playing blissfully unaware of the learning happening and the parent satisfied that they are doing the best for the child.

Here are a few benefits listed out:

  1. Kindle creative thinking: There are so many toys currently that encourage STEM(science, engineering, technology, and math) and it is not just for girls. These toys encourage the children to build, to think, to be creative. Such toys stimulate reasoning and intuition in children. There are several toys which use the latest technology to make them interesting and appealing at the same time.
  2. Cognitive skills: Today there is no death of puzzles and games that need cognitive skills to play. And with iPads and smartphone coming up with their own version of puzzles children can learn constantly and develop their skills.
  3. Motor skills: Balance beams, tunnel, parachute are few of the many games that develop motor skills in children. Children learn to coordinate their hands and legs and move smoothly.
  4. Soft skills: Be it in an iPad game or on the playground, children learn several social skills which includes language, principles, and values. The games help them grow emotionally and learning to accept defeat. They learn that just as one needs to complete the current level before moving to the next level in a game unless they finish a task at hand they cannot move on to the next.