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Harvey Medina

Five Problems Business School Won’t Prepare You For

Secondary education is important as it introduces new concepts and helps you learn the ways of the world. These new ideas and knowledge help you to acquire wisdom that will help you later in your career. On the other hand, we can also see that classroom teaching may not extend to real life experiences. A theoretical lecture can teach only a few basics and then you need to walk through the labyrinth of the real business world learning on your own. There are many problems that cannot be tackled with the skills taught in your business school.

  1. Time management is important. Every meeting, every deadline becomes critical in a real business. The employers may not even allow you to take breaks and ask you to work during breaks and weekends and at times without even paying for these extra hours. Digressing from the main topic, you can see how to get help from recovermywages in such cases.
  2. Another aspect that you don’t learn in the business school is flexibility. Business schools attach a lot of importance to excellence and it is important in real life too. But at times businesses fail, decisions are wrong and at such times you need to know how to pick up the pieces and bounce back.
  3. With hundreds of case studies and papers, the real-life situation may be entirely different. The financial aspects are different in each case. You need to interpret and understand the present situation in the right context which would be different from what you learned from school.
  4. You will learn about cash- flow and reading the financial statements in college. In real life though, these need more and constant attention to ensure that the finances are under control.
  5. You may learn about SWOT analysis in college. However, in a real situation, there are hundreds of decisions to be taken every day and this may hamper your decision making after some time due to fatigue and constant stress.

These are some of the things that you may not learn in a business school but you can acquire these skills with time. You will learn to combine the knowledge with experience and implement the right decisions.…