After attaining a certain age, try to follow a certain healthy diet in order to stay fit and strong.  Apart from this, you need to spend some time working out techniques so that it may help you to stretch your body easily and also make you flexible.

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Here are the few running rules you need to follow after attaining the age of 40;

  • Make a realistic target: Whatever may be the task make it short and simple and also make the targets which are easily achievable on short time span.  This will make you feel relaxed in achieving the targets which are of realistic in nature. It is literally is of no use in setting unrealistic goals and this may demotivate you at times.
  • Do proper planning: Try to plan things properly once the target has been fixed.  Find out the different ways of achieving your targets and choose the best one which is easier and more comfortable for you in doing so.  When you plan properly, then it will make to achieve on the right path.
  • Follow it regularly: Since you made the choices of choosing the goals and the different means to achieve it, try to follow on a regular basis since after 40 your body condition may not be adjustable as like when you are young.  In order to be more flexible and active, you need to do the exercises and physical activity like running regularly.
  • Be self-motivated: Be a self- motivator and try to set an example for others so that they can follow you and derive benefits out of it.  It is always not an easy task to start with and once you have started with motivational tips, you can reach your targets easily.
  • Go on the right track: It is also necessary to check whether you travel on the right path.  Always fix the distance to be covered in a day while doing any physical activity like running and the time taken to cover the same distance in each day in order to analyze whether you are in a right track or not.