Science is now totally in the knowing about why smoking weed makes people so darn hungry.

Weed users and medical researchers have been aware for a very long period of time that using marijuana or marijuana derivatives increases appetite significantly, a researcher at Harvard University of School of Medicine said, but what about weed makes it that people who use it get that hungry?

“In all honesty, our team had no clue how the chemicals worked in the body nor what they did” – Said the Harvard Researcher.

A new study published in Harvard news journal this month has revealed that the reason why weed makes you so hungry is because of the mechanism of action of chemicals within weed that cause the brain to think that you are starving when you are actually full.

“The actual way that the brain regulates hunger gets chemically reversed by weed, it’s almost as if you press a button to stop and the machine gets more active instead of stopping” Researchers told the media, “The neurons that were supposed to be used to reduce hunger and appetite were being chemically induced to do the opposite, even when the physical cues of hunger are 100% gone the chemicals still trick the brain into thinking that you must eat.

The brain produces chemicals like THC derivatives, fats and others that regulate hunger, appetite, emotions, interception and other regulatory processes (I found the best synthetic here), Weed contains many of these chemicals and when used the brain is fooled.

In conclusion, the reason why smoking cannabis makes you so hungry is because the chemicals in marijuana when used cause the brain to think that you are hungry when you really aren’t. This is the reason why you have munchies when smoking weed.