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ART - Assignment Related Training (30 September - 13 December 2002)
This course is designed to equip people to fulfil a specific field-based role for a limited time period. The following training tracks are available:
  • Anthropology: This track will equip students to work alongside an existing language team. They will receive training in anthropological fieldwork methodology to enable them to gather and manage data on a particular culture. An introduction to anthropological concepts will allow them to classify the data they gather and to write up their findings.

  • Literacy: This track will equip students to work in an existing literacy project, developing materials, helping to teach training courses and assisting with project design and planning. Modules taught will include literacy methods, materials production, language programme planning and adult education methodology.

  • Dictionary Making: This track covers the basic principles and methods of constructing a bilingual dictionary. This includes designing a dictionary for a particular audience, gathering and ordering vocabulary data and using appropriate software to store and publish a dictionary. An accurate and insightful dictionary is a great help to the language community and expatriate worker alike. In addition it is a key element of literacy development for any preliterate or semiliterate culture. A good dictionary lays a foundation for a translation project.

  • Language Study Skills: This course track gives an introduction to linguistic theory and fieldwork methods. The aims are to equip students to contribute to a language and culture project for an initial two-year period or to go on immediately to further training modules in linguistics and culture studies.

  • Scripture Use: Please contact [email protected] for more details.

  • Language Survey: Please contact [email protected] for more details.

  • Other Course Components: In addition to the core component specific to their selected training track, students will be able to take other course components in:
    inter-cultural training, spiritual warfare, basic anthropology, teamwork, and use of Shoebox software.
2002 UK Course Costs - £1990.00
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