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etp builds upon the rich and unrivalled expertise of SIL International in over 1,000 minority languages, though no particular language is taught. Our courses teach skills necessary for learning new languages and describing unwritten languages, as well as for literacy work and for translation.

etp recognises that not everyone learns best in the same way. Teachers therefore aim to utilise a variety of techniques during course instruction. Moreover, for the majority of courses, the teaching methodology also employs adult learning principles in the hope of remaining stimulating and enjoyable.

etp courses will be taught in English and staff assume an adequate knowledge of English. See FAQ 2.

etp staff are all committed Christians and our partners on site share a similar ethos. In the desire to be of service to all, etp courses are open to those of any or indeed no faith. Devotional activities held in conjunction with courses are optional.

etp teaching staff have all received training at one of the SIL training programmes around the world, most have extensive field experience in linguistics, literacy or translation and postgraduate degrees.

etp reserves the right to cancel a course if, for instance, numbers registered are insufficient. We will refund any fees received in advance, but will not be liable for any other costs incurred by prospective course participants.

If you decide to withdraw from a course, you should notify the Registrar in writing. You may also make a written request for a refund of fees for the remaining whole weeks of the course. However, you should note that you may be liable to pay for the week(s) that you have been here at the unsubsidised rate and any food that you bought as part of an original tax exempt course package will be charged to you inclusive of VAT (UK sales tax). MA students may also have to pay a registration fee.

Course participants are responsible for obtaining the correct visa. We will provide you with a letter showing that you are registered for a course and will be happy to give you general advice, but you are responsible for making sure that you have the necessary documents for entering the UK.